About The 1% Poo Project

This blog was created in response to an excursion to the Cronulla Sewage Treatment Plant, as a continuation of the initial ideas sparked from the visit, through research and exploration of sewage.

I’m interested in sewage for a few reasons:

  • I don’t want to just make pretty pictures
  • The language and words associated with sewage are funny
  • I’m interested in the history of place
  • I’m interested in understanding how things work, we live in a world where children born now will not remember a time before the internet , they won’t experience dial up or mix tapes
  • I’m interested in the infrastructure of the sewerage system
  • I’m interested in research as art
  • I’m interested in maintenance as art
  • I’m interested in the concept of distinct, discrete relations between what is considered within culture and accepted and what should not be named

Rather than limit the scope of my project to a fixed, secure site Cronulla Sewerage Treatment Plant, I have incorporated the entire city of Sydney’s sewerage infrastructure. All drains converge and the effluent flows through the pipes all over our city (or more accurately under it).