Mud Cake

serves 250, 000 people


  • water (used)
  • food scrapes
  • fog (fats, oil & grease)
  • rubbish (apple stickers)
  • 1% poo, pee and vomit
  • toilet paper
  • tampons, pads & their wrappers, condoms
  • dental floss
  • cotton buds
  • tissues
  • wet wipes
  • hair
  • nail clippings
  • grit like sand, dirt and dust
  • soaps, shampoos & conditioner
  • detergent, dishwasher tablets & floor cleaner
  • harsh chemicals (paint, solvents, pesticides)
  • toys (lego, barbie doll legs)
  • dentures
  • high concentration of micro organisms
  • machinery

Step 1
remove large solids through the physical separation – screenings

Step 2
filter dirt particles with jets of air

Step 3
Sedimentation: scrape the fog (fats, oils & grease) from the top – the sludge and the scum – (poo) from the bottom

Step 4
Bio Reactor: add high concentrations of microorganisms and vary the amounts of air in the tank

Step 5
using high speed centrifuges remove the remaining water & compress the bio waste into cake

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