Fat Burger – Fatberg

serves 4, 944, 000


  • food waste
  • rubbish (apple stickers)
  • f.o.g. (fats, oils & grease)
  • cotton buds
  • wet wipes (the flushable kind)
  • nappies (the sloppier the better)
  • tampons
  • pads & their wrappers
  • condoms
  • flushing toilets (get your neighbours in on the fun)
  • equipment

Step 1
gather bulk amounts of the ingredients and flush them down multiple toilets continuously, forming a soggy and compact mass in the pipes

Step 2
anonymously inform Sydney water of what should be an approximately one tonne gloopy conglomerate

Step 3
using a combination of shovels, pickaxes, buckets, pressure cleaning equipment and a crane remove the sloppy burger or ‘fatberg’

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