Last door on the right…

A place for everything & everything in its place

Lest the order be disturbed.
Saliva belongs in your mouth, snot in your nose, wax in your ears, piss in your bladder and shit in your ass.
It is acceptable to consume.
To eat, to drink, to wash, to shop because you need to eat and drink to live.
To be excreted from the orifices of the body is a big no, no, no!
The things that leave the body, be they solid, liquid or gas cross the line.
That they have been processed of all their nutrients, have been in effect used up, expired.
Now that they are expelled from our bodies their usefulness is over.
They are death.
They are taboo.
The untouchable, dirt.
To make matter worse they smell.
Polluting the air we breathe and everything they touch.
A constant reminder of our decay.
We consume and excrete, therefore we too will be consumed and excreted.

Are you still shitting comfortably?

The time of day, the shape, the colour, the smell, the size…
All factors to consider for your overall comfort, health and of course, most importantly the aesthetics of your shit.
Light to dark brown, you are in the peek of poop vigour!

However if you desire to change the colour for a bit of variety, allow me to make a few suggestions, follow them at your own peril:

  • Beetroot for a lovely red
  • Rich green vegetable diet for a lush green
  • Licorice for a deep dramatic black
  • Heavy oil and fat diet for a foul yellow

The shape and size are personal, almost a fingerprint and irralvent. No criminal has yet been identified by the shape and size of their shit. The change in pattern that is of importance for health, of course.

  • three times a day
  • once every day
  • once every three days
  • once a week

Normal is personal.

Life Happens in the Intestines

In every gram of shit there are more than a billion living bacteria.


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