Venturing Again

Part Two of Vent Visits

This Sunday whilst in Marrickville I took the opportunity to visit the historic brick sewer vent on Premier Street. Earlier on my way to Marrickville I had noticed a tall brick chimney and just assumed it belonged to the sewer vent on Premier Street.
To get to Marrickville I’d actually caught the train to Tempe Station, assuming (again!) that because Premier Street was a short and relatively flat walk from Tempe Station across a nice park or so I thought. It was flat that is until Premier Street which starts out as a steady reliable hill populated with trees and an interesting variety of houses but it is deceptive (like all maps), it quickly puts your pacing to the test by inclining sharply at an ever increasingly rate that is until you reach the very top of the hill which isn’t exactly flat either.
On the way up there were also three smaller modern metal vents visible from Premier Street but not directly on the street. When I finally saw the historic brick vent, something was off… It was short, I’d go so far as to call it positively stubby! When comparing it with what I had seen at a distance whilst travelling on the train from Sydenham Station to Tempe Station. The vent I had seen also of brick but it was tall, strikingly grand! A vent to be proud of, visible from far distances.
This vent, this stubby brick chimney was visible and of course taller than the average house chimney but for all that it was only visible from ten metres away. I mean sure it was on a hill and easily elevated high above my eye level but its not like I’m looking at the ground!

When looking up the Marrickville Sewer Vent I found these two articles that explain it’s rather altered stature:
The the vent that was seen on the train is located at the opposite end of Carrington Road to Premier Street (the corner or Carrington Rd and Myrtle St) , there is a catch however, it’s location a small triangular piece of land with a couple of buildings is surrounded on all sides train tracks and a tall wire fence. Impossible to get too close up without breaking the law…
On my way home, I walked to Marrickville Station, considering it being closer to this end of Carrington Road and I saw four modern metal sewer vents! Marrickville is full to the brim with sites of Sewerage.

Smaller modern vents:

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