Venturing by the Sea

Part Three of Vent Visits

On Sunday morning I caught a train at 7:30am that was to, with one change at Central Station, arrive at Bondi Junction Station at quarter past 8am. It was an intensely foggy morning, that and the lack of cars and pedestrians around at the hour I set out for Meadowbank Station a quarter past 7am created an eerie atmosphere. The reason for so early a trip? The chance to visit three heritage listed sewer vents, of course! One located in Bondi Junction, one in Bellevue Hill and one in North Bondi with the hope of spying any smaller, modern vents whilst on my travels.

My routine:
I started on the correct street, in the complete opposite direction. I was walking down Grafton Street and turned down Leswell Street, when I should have turned up Newland Street. Back tracking to Newland Street and proceeding up it, I walked past Oxford Street, Spring Street, Ebley Street and Keiran Street. I turned right on to Birrell Street, at which point I could already see the vent, a tall wire construction, much like the first sewer vent I found in Burwood on Grantham St only the metal wire wasn’t black and dilapidated, rather it looked shiny and almost pastel blue in the light.
Walking along Birrell Street, I pasted Keiran Lane, Lawson Street and Lawson Lane. I turned right onto Denison Street and proceeded to the vent. A short walk up the hill that is Denison Street (it’s roughly half way up the street), make up of a mix of two-story and single story houses that a pastel coloured.

My next stop took me back to Oxford Street, through the mall and continuing along Oxford Road which merges into Old South Head Road. I proceed down Old South Head Road until Victoria Road, veer off and continue until I again veer off this time onto Bellevue Road. I continue down Bellevue Road, until I reach Cooper Park Road and although the vent’s address is Streatfield Road it is visible from here. I turn into Streatfield Road anyway (the very next street), for a closer look.
This time the sewer vent, like the previously visited vents in Marrickville, Lewisham and Stanmore, made a red brick. Again it is tall and imposing and by all appearances in perfect condition. However I can’t get too close, it is positioned on a small hill in at the back of a yard that is surrounded by a fence and all on three sides by other houses. The houses located in Streatfield Road and Cooper Park Road are two story in the modern, art deco or Queen Anne, look expensive and well maintained.

The final location on my routine and perhaps the furthest was located on Military Road in North Bondi. I walked back to the point where Oxford Street becomes Old South Head Road but instead of walking back to Bondi Junction I turned left down Bondi Road. I proceeding down Bondi Road towards Bondi Beach, I turned left onto Campbell Parade, walked past Bondi Beach, waves rolling by and walked up and up and up a hill turning left onto Military road and up again and past the Bondi Golf & Digger’s Club.
Right before my eyes, in the middle of the golf course, across from hole 6 is the sewer vent! A concrete affair, but unlike the almost identical concrete vents in Burwood on Railway Parade and Croydon on Paisley Rd, this vent is cylindrical and doesn’t resemble a Greek style column.

I walked down the hill, past the beach back to Bondi Junction and caught the next train, all in all the combined walks took me from a quarter past 8am to 11am, all up roughly six and a half hours and just in time for lunch.

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