Vents Aplenty

On the heritage register there are eighteen items for vent.

  1. 360 Streatfield Rd, Bellevue Hill
  2. 315 Military Road, Bondi
  3. 154 Denison Street, Bondi Junction
  4. 289 Elizabeth & Bathurst Streets, Hyde Park, Sydney
  5. 280 Churchill Ave, Strathfield
  6. 254 Connemarra Street, Bexley
  7. 255 Connemarra Street, Bexley
  8. 213 Falcon St & Freeway, North Sydney
  9. 198 The Boulevarde, Lewisham
  10. 24- 26 Premier Street, Marrickville
  11. 381 Corunna Road, Stanmore
  12. 158 York Street, Glebe
  13. 156 Lilyfield Road, Lilyfield
  14. 73 Grantham Street, Burwood
  15. 69 Railway Parade, Burwood
  16. 71 Paisley Road, Croydon
  17. 67 Tenterden Road, Botany
  18. West Botany Street, Arncliffe (demolished and replaced)

The vent shafts are composed of:
– one Sandstone
– eight Brick
– two concrete
– two iron wire
– five steel
I have talked a deal of the Hyde Park Obelisk, I now propose to revisit it and the other seventeen sewer vents in order to draw them, to get a feel for the various sites and gauge what would be best for a proposed Tour of The Great Big Fart Towers of Sydney, The City of Celebrated Stinks.
Stay tuned!

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